Timandra Garden 5

The majestic presence of Timandra is now closed to the public. At some time in the future it may be open again but at this stage it is closed. 

Timandra has been richly recognised by international cruise ship tourists. These tourists are from the Star of the Seven Seas group of ships, who have loved their tour and teas. It is promoted by Intercruises as ‘Timandra Country Garden’. Many visitors are from America and the UK.

Timandra Garden was the winning garden as ‘The Sustainable Landscape’ in 2014 for Landscaping Victoria. It surrounds the home of landscape designer, Alison Aplin, covering over 1 acre of natural garden.

David and Alison have been opening gardens to the public, now 4 of them, through the Australian Open Garden Scheme (AOGS) for many years for local charities. Their involvement with this national scheme was considerable, and they had a great following. The AOGS has since folded and so they now open their current garden in Narrawong for group bookings by appointment. Called Timandra Garden by the Sea, this garden is unlike any previously owned by them. It is unlike any traditional garden because of its strong sustainability factor.

Alison is a multi-award winning landscape designer, specialising in sustainable landscapes. Her business Timandra Design & Landscaping was first registered in 1995, although she had been designing, growing and showing gardens for 10 years prior to that. It must be obvious by now, that there’s a real gardening passion here?

Plants are essential to a well-designed sustainable garden. This can be seen in Timandra, with vastly different soils over it’s more than 1 acre site, enabling a broad range of different plants. This enables biodiversity, one of the core markers of a sustainable garden, to flourish. Birds and marsupials are plentiful with breeding koalas in Timandra.

There is a steep slope in the middle of the garden, with the top and bottom sections flat. Please be aware of this for people who are less physically able. The steps are wide which makes them easier to use, but once you get down, you then have to get up.

A comment in the Visitor’s Book states: “More Botanic Garden than a Botanic Garden”, because of the diversity of plant material.

Hosts in January 2019, Timandra received high accolades from 3 cruise ship groups , the guests being from mainly America, but numerous other countries as well.

Timandra is a place of learning for those interested in sustainable or natural gardens.

Because of the number of trees which have now grown into big specimens, the garden needed to be viewed differently than a traditional garden. Climate change mitigation is enabled with the use of these trees which reduces the environmental impacts more than traditional gardens, helping to sequester carbon dioxide.

From the road, Timandra appears as a ‘secret garden’. The gate is closed to stop stray dogs from entering the koala and bird sanctuary.

Within Timandra Garden can be found the ‘Alison Aplin Art Gallery’, showcasing Alison’s bold and colourful abstract art. More about this can be viewed at www.alisonaplinart.com.au. The art gallery cum working studio is open by appointment or with all group bookings. Prints of works that have proven popular are also available for sale.

Please refer to the Open Garden page for more information.

Timandra Garden won in 2014, the gold award with Landscaping Victoria for ‘The Sustainable Landscape’. My business, Timandra Design & Landscaping has won many awards in both South Australia and Victoria. This site can be found at www.timandra.com.au.

The winning garden in 2014 was ‘The Narrawong Project’ which is Timandra Garden by the Sea. Timandra D&L  won a further Landscaping Victoria award in 2016. Both were for ‘The Sustainable Landscape’. Alison